Video: Brian Latimer Explains Where to Find Shallow-Water Largemouth Bass

Professional angler Brian Latimer has learned that largemouth bass often hide near objects that you likely overlook.

Video: Brian Latimer Explains Where to Find Shallow-Water Largemouth Bass

Brian Latimer — or “B. LAT” for short — is a professional bass angler with a large and passionate fan base. He produces a lot of content to help anglers catch more bass; click here to check out his YouTube channel, it’s filled with outstanding how-to information.

In the 3-minute Facebook video below, Latimer provides valuable insight about where to find shallow-water largemouth bass. He’s quickly covering the shoreline with a buzzbait. What I find most interesting in the video is when Latimer talks about how a largemouth waits in ambush for prey, and specifically about when a bass thinks it’s hidden.

Latimer said, “So when he (a bass) covers his eye, he thinks he’s hid.”

In other words, a bass will “hide” behind a skinny stick, even though that stick is covering only the fish’s eye, not its entire body. This is valuable info to keep in mind when decided where to pinpoint casts along the shoreline. 

Latimer’s tutorial isn’t filled with him fighting fish; instead he provides tips you can use on your favorite waters to catch more and bigger bass. Watch and learn. 

Note: Be sure to click to enter fullscreen and turn up the volume for best viewing.


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