Video: Best Underwater Strikes From the 2023/2024 Ice Fishing Season

The 2023/2024 ice fishing season was shorter than usual due to record warmth throughout much of the northern United States, but avid anglers still captured some amazing underwater video on their Aqua-Vu cameras.

Video: Best Underwater Strikes From the 2023/2024 Ice Fishing Season

Ice fishing isn’t an option for the vast majority of anglers across the country, but even so, I think any fisherman will enjoy the 3-minute YouTube video below from Angling Buzz.

The frozen water season provides a unique opportunity for an angler to position an underwater camera — in this video, various models from Aqua-Vu — to see the action in a way that you simply can’t during the open-water period. In winter, the water is clearer than at any other time, and the angler and their lure aren’t moving due to a boat, wind, etc. These factors are ideal conditions to use an Aqua-Vu underwater camera. (Click here to read my article, “Ice Fishermen: Is an Underwater Camera Right for You?”)

Enjoy this montage of underwater footage captured by the Angling Buzz crew during the 2023/2024 ice season. I think some of the fish behavior, especially by larger predator species such as northern pike, will surprise you.


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