Video: Angler Catches Big Musky on Homemade Bucktail Tied With His Own Hair

In the boat, a musky angler cuts his long hair and then uses it to tie a homemade bucktail featuring a fidget spinner for a blade.

Video: Angler Catches Big Musky on Homemade Bucktail Tied With His Own Hair

If you haven’t spent significant time driving through Canada, then you might not know that well-known retailer Canadian Tire sells more than tires. It’s also the place to go for everything from hardware and houseware to sports and leisure.

In the video below, Aaron Wiebe, host of the popular YouTube channel Uncut Angling, visits Canadian Tire to purchase a fidget spinner. (Remember when every kid was playing with this somewhat annoying toy?) Aaron’s video is a few years old, but it’s still relevant for anglers; you don’t have to spend $20 or more on a manufacturer’s bucktail — you can build your own and the muskies and pike often won’t know the difference.

As Aaron explains, catching muskies is more about location and retrieve speed than it is about owning some “magic lure.” Especially during summer, the key is hitting numerous high-percentage spots (called a “milk run” in musky angler lingo), and using a fast retrieve to trigger strikes — or in the case of the fish in this video, an aggressive following musky that Aaron entices to strike via a figure-8 maneuver.

Aaron calls his new bucktail the Dirty Blonde Crazy Spinner. Spoiler: To save you online research time, I can reveal that no musky lure maker jumped on the bandwagon to offer this lure to the masses. You’ll have to skip the barber and eventually tie your own.


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