Video: A Canadian Guide’s Unique Method for Cleaning Walleyes

A delicious walleye lunch or dinner begins with proper handling after the catch. Here’s one guide’s unique method for cleaning walleyes so the result is pearl-white fillets.

Video: A Canadian Guide’s Unique Method for Cleaning Walleyes

One bonus to hunting black bears in Canada is you often have the chance to fish in the morning and early afternoon before heading to a bear stand later in the day.

In the 4-minute YouTube video below from the Canada in the Rough, owner/guide Cory Grant of All Terrain Bear Hunts in Manitoba shows step by step his method for cleaning a walleye, resulting in two boneless fillets, plus walleye cheeks and a wing. As you’ll see, Grant uses a strong and sharp fillet knife to work quickly and efficiently. 

As a former fishing guide in Minnesota, Alaska and Canada, I find it interesting to observe the many ways fellow guides clean walleyes and other species. The one step in Grant’s method that caught my eye is when he turns a fillet rib side down to remove the rib bones. It makes sense; this way, he can press down on the ribs with his blade as he slices to separate them. I look forward to trying his method the next time I have a walleye to clean.

Pay particular attention to the pearl-white fillets. Because he bled the walleyes in the water while they were on a stringer, the resulting fillets almost don’t need to be washed. Click here to learn more about bleeding fish prior to cleaning.


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