Underwater Ice Fishing Video: Bass Stalks Minnow Before Striking

Curious about bass life under the ice? Check out this video that shows a group of largemouth as they stalk a shiner.

Underwater Ice Fishing Video: Bass Stalks Minnow Before Striking

I’ve written before on Grand View Outdoors about my love of ice fishing with an underwater camera, and I want to share with you a YouTube video produced by two buddies of mine who share my passion for watching the underwater world.

In the clip below you’ll see Mike Hehner (above left) and Bill Lindner as they give play-by-play of largemouth bass feeding activity below the ice. The guys are using two Aqua-Vu cameras, a Micro Revolution and HD10i Pro. They also provide a couple tips on setting your underwater camera lens to capture the best images.

Remember, for a tip-up flag to fly, a predator has to peel some line off the tip-up spool. In the video, the bass engulfs the shiner, but it doesn’t go on a run immediately, so the flag isn’t triggered. It’s only when the bass swims away from the hole that the spool turns and flag is raised. 

I often set an underwater camera to watch a tip-up when pike or bass fishing because it gives me some insight into how fish are reacting to my offering. For example, when pursuing pike, a camera helps me determine if they prefer live bait over dead bait on any given day, or if they want a 10-inch sucker vs. a 6-incher.

Underwater cameras are fun to watch and they help you catch more fish. Period.


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