Tournament Video: 4-pound Crappie!

A crappie weighing 2 pounds is huge; this one tipped the scales at a hair over 4 pounds!

Tournament Video: 4-pound Crappie!

In mid-March 2022, I wrote an article about the many giant fish caught during that year’s Crappie Masters tournament on Grenada Lake, Mississippi. Click here to check it out.

In the Facebook video below, you’ll hear the story behind an amazing crappie landed by Joey Johnson in that event. Fishing solo instead of with a partner, which is the norm, Johnson took fourth place in 2022, with 14 fish (seven each day) for 40.74 pounds. His biggest crappie, which is shown in the video, weighed 4.03 pounds.

During the recently concluded 2023 Crappie Masters National Qualifier on Grenada Lake, Hayden and Dan Jeffries took home the first place check of $10,000. The team had a 2-day total of 40.16 pounds (14 crappies; their biggest weighed 3.62 pounds). Lamar Bunting and Gene Neumeier took second place with a weight of 36.69 pounds. Matthew and Bruce Rogers took third with 36.65 pounds; they won the tournament in 2022 with 44.71 pounds. The biggest crappie caught during the 2023 event weighed 3.66 pounds.

If a crappie weighing 3 pounds is on your bucket list, then it’s time to start planning a trip to Grenada Lake. And who knows, you might just get very lucky and catch one that tips the scales at 4 pounds!

P.S. Click to enter fullscreen and turn up the volume for best viewing. And every time I watch it, I can't help but laugh at the poorly executed high-fives.


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