Slow-Motion Video: Giant Bullfrogs Inhale Angler’s Topwater Lure

You won’t believe the aggressiveness of these giant bullfrogs. Like hungry largemouth bass, they inhale an angler’s imitation mouse.

Slow-Motion Video: Giant Bullfrogs Inhale Angler’s Topwater Lure

The 7-minute YouTube video below was posted by The Fish Whisperer, and it showcases several incredible topwater strikes. But the predators aren’t largemouth bass, they’re bullfrogs!

The Fish Whisperer has learned that bullfrogs are cannibals — they eat frogs — and they love mice, too. In this video, he visits a local pond and teases bullfrogs with an imitation mouse, which he twitches through the lily pads. (The specific topwater lure is the Hollow Body Field Mouse from Live Target Lures.)

As The Fish Whisperer explains at the beginning of the video, he cut off the lure’s hooks. He’s interested in capturing incredible slow-motion video of the feeding frenzy; he’s not looking to actually catch any bullfrogs. He says that one bullfrog ate his topwater mouse at least 10 times during this filming adventure. Crazy!

FYI: All the footage is great, but if you’re in a hurry, fast-forward to the 5:30 mark and then watch the final 80 seconds.


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