Fishing Fail Video: Cell Phone Goes for a Swim

If you dropped your phone in frigid deep water while fishing and needed to dive to retrieve it, would you do it?

Fishing Fail Video: Cell Phone Goes for a Swim

In the 13-minute YouTube video below, Fletcher the Fisherman is invited by a couple of youth anglers to a decent-size pond for some springtime bass fishing, and as you’ll see, he catches a good one (fast-forward to the 3:50 mark if you’re short on time).

The guys are casting from shore and a dock, and it’s when Fletcher is talking on the phone (about fishing plans with a buddy) that disaster strikes. As you’ll see, he’s making a cast from the dock when his cell phone flies forward, bounces off the dock and into the drink. The good news is water depth is 5 to 5.5 feet.

The largemouth aren’t spawning yet, so the water temperature is likely in the mid 50s. Cold! Fletcher asks for a volunteer to jump into the pond and attempt to rescue the phone — payment will be a new rod-and-reel combo — and one of the young anglers gives it his best shot but comes up empty. Finally, Fletcher gives it a go, and after a few dives to the bottom, he’s successful. And surprising to me at least, his phone still works! He must have a top-notch waterproof case.

I’ve yet to drop my phone in a lake or river, but it’s only a matter of time. It will likely happen when taking a selfie in my kayak — holding a big bass in one hand while trying to take a pic with the other. Would I swim for it? Not sure . . . I’ll keep you posted!


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