First Ever Drone Video of Muskie Catch

Capturing a muskie strike and catch on drone video had never been done before. These two anglers proved it could be done.

First Ever Drone Video of Muskie Catch

Doug Wegner is a well-known muskie guide in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and his YouTube channel has nearly 14,000 subscribers. Much of his content is directed toward helping anglers catch more muskies. In his videos he teaches you everything from how to pick a muskie rod to tips for seeing fish on Humminbird Side Imaging.

Because this isn’t Wegner’s first rodeo, he understands that the chance of capturing drone video of a muskie strike and catch increase if he finds a small hotspot with more than one active muskie. In this case, it’s a small island with a rocky shelf. He’s joined in the boat by his buddy Jace Loge, who is piloting the drone while casting for muskies — I didn’t know that was possible!

As you’ll see below, Loge’s lure becomes snagged on a boulder, and he’s trying to free it when Wegner has a muskie follow his bucktail to the boat. Wegner entices the fish to strike at the side of the boat using a technique known as a figure-8. As soon as the muskie hits the net, the guys realize that Loge’s rod is being pulled into the lake. Nice save! The muskie measures 44 inches long and is in perfect condition for the release.

P.S. After watching this unique video, be sure to check out the one below it, too, where Wegner loses a muskie a week prior while Loge captures it all on drone. Wegner was using a large-size rubber swimbait, and the fish smashes it near the side of the boat but escapes after a few violent head shakes.


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