Fail Video: Angler Forced to Bail From a Speeding Ice Shelter

What happens when a buddy forgets to unhook an ice shelter before speeding away on his snowmobile? Just ask the unlucky angler who was still inside!

Fail Video: Angler Forced to Bail From a Speeding Ice Shelter

This story take place Jan. 14, 2022, on a lake trout lake in northern Minnesota. Seth Trobec and his buddy, Cody “Mojo” Mjolsness, climb inside their Ice Runner Expedition, which is a flip-over style shelter built on a towable plastic sled. (Click here if you don’t understand the concept of a flip-over style ice shelter built on a sled.) Seth, who’s hoping to capture video of himself or Cody catching a laker, has mounted a GoPro to the shelter’s interior.

Seth is sitting on a camp chair on the sled, and as you can see in the YouTube video, it takes a lot of gear to stay warm and comfortable during an ice fishing outing. As Seth is getting his line in the water and prep other gear, Cody steps out of the shelter to head to shore on his snowmobile to pick up another friend. The snow is deep, so Cody decides it’s best to jump on the throttle.

One BIG problem: Cody forgets to unhook the towable ice shelter from the snowmobile.

In a split-second, Seth is screaming for Cody to stop, but Cody couldn’t hear him over the screaming engine. The GoPro video shows that Seth doesn’t wait long to abandon ship. He’s most concerned about losing a rod down one of the holes. Apparently, Cody never felt the sled behind his snowmobile because, as you’ll see, it takes him quite a while to stop and turn around.

When asked if he was injured while bailing from his speeding ice shelter, Seth said, “All is well. It was quite the experience. The deep snow definitely softened the fall, and the only loss was my lucky lure!”


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