Cast, Catch and Release Video: 19-inch, 4-pound Crappie!

Throughout much of the country, a 2-pound crappie is considered a trophy, which makes this 4-pounder — caught from shore! — insanely impressive.

Cast, Catch and Release Video: 19-inch, 4-pound Crappie!

Ty Kleeb is the host of the popular YouTube channel Ty PIgPatrol (@Typigpatrol on Instagram). At the time of this writing, he had just posted his 700th fishing video; his YouTube channel has 440k subscribers.

There are many fishing content creators on YouTube, but one attribute that sets apart Ty’s videos is he does most of his fishing from shore, often in urban settings such as city ponds, spillways and bridges. Ty doesn’t explain in detail where he’s fishing, and that makes sense. If he did, his hotspots would be quickly overrun with people.

At times he’ll say which state he’s in (Texas is a favorite), but that about it. And you’ll also notice he doesn’t capture much of the surroundings on video; he’s being intentional to not reveal shoreline scenery that could be identified by other anglers.

Ty catches a lot of his big panfish and bass from private urban ponds. Again, he doesn’t explain specifically where, nor does he detail how he received permission to access these special places. He will occasionally have a guest — such as an avid teenage angler who also posts fishing content to Instagram — and I suspect the way it works is the youth angler has access to the pond, and they invite Ty to join them. That way, both anglers are able to gather content for their social media pages.

In describing his channel, Ty wrote, “I strap a GoPro to myself and do my best to catch the biggest fish I can. Just trying to see how many fish of a lifetime I can fit into one lifetime.”

Crappie is one species that Ty pursues regularly, and while he’s caught some giants in the past, and will continue to do so in the future, it’s likely he’ll never catch one bigger than the 4-pounder highlighted below. Amazing fish!

Viewing tip: If you want to get right to the massive crappie, fast-forward to the 4:15 mark of the 8-minute video.


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