Breaking News (Facebook Live Video): Angler Releases Likely Nebraska State Record 100-Plus-Pound Blue Catfish

Jason Hamilton was fishing solo at night on the Missouri River in Nebraska and released a blue catfish that probably weighed more than 100 pounds. It likely would have been a new state record.

Breaking News (Facebook Live Video): Angler Releases Likely Nebraska State Record 100-Plus-Pound Blue Catfish

Few anglers can say that they’ve caught a catfish weighing triple digits. And while diehard catfisherman Jason Hamilton didn’t attempt to weigh the monster he recently landed on the Missouri River in Nebraska, I have no doubt after watching the two Facebook videos below that this blue catfish weighed at least 100 pounds. The current state record blue cat for Nebraska weighed 100 pounds 8 ounces, so there’s no guarantee Jason’s fish topped it. That said, based on the dimensions of Jason’s cat — 58.5 inches long and 37.5-inch girth — it’s likely his fish weighed closer to 105 pounds and maybe even 110 pounds than 100.

Important note: The math formulas used to calculate weight based on length and girth measurements work well for gamefish of average/common sizes. That’s how those formulas were developed in the first place. Fisheries biologists (or their interns) input known length and girth measurements for a specific gamefish species, then determined what formula was needed to generate a known weight. These formulas can’t be considered very accurate, however, when you start considering fish of state record size. The reason is biologists don’t have specimens of this ultra-rare size at their disposal to confirm the math.

Accompanying the Facebook videos, Jason wrote: “I present to you my new personal best blue cat! She measured 58.5 inches in length and 37.5 inches in girth! I got a quick LIVE FB feed with her and released her back to the depths she came from. Little did I know and found out shortly after release that that fish was potentially the new Nebraska state record blue cat. Current record is 100 pounds, 8 ounces, and by all calculations she weighed between 100 and 106 pounds. I DID NOT get an official weight on the fish because I wanted to take no chance of harming her! She swam away free willing and is ready for her next tangle!! Here’s some pictures of the beast! If you’d like to see the live video, it’s posted to my FB page. These pictures do not do this fish justice.”

As you watch the two videos, keep in mind this isn’t Jason’s first time handling huge catfish. He’s on the pro staff of Monster Rod Holders, a company that is generally regarded as one of the top producers of rod holders for avid catfishermen. The name Rippin Lips on Jason’s hoody is a well-known manufacturer of catfishing rods, circle hooks and other tackle.

Also, and this is simply me offering an armchair quarterback observation, Jason studied at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 33 Training Center, and works for The Waldinger Corp., which is a mechanical, electrical, sheet metal and service contractor. Jason isn’t a desk jockey like me; his work is physical, and by all appearances, he’s in very good shape. I mention these details because Jason is seriously struggling to lift this fish for the video. And he knows better than just about anyone how to manhandle a big cat. This fish is crazy big. Period.

In the second video, Jason takes a girth measurement of the massive cat and then releases it. Congrats to him on an amazing fish. And it's out there ready to be caught again!


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