One Night Vision Sight For All Your Rifles

The Dark Widow Venom night vision sight will fit any rifle scope and doesn’t need to be zeroed when swapping between optics.

One Night Vision Sight For All Your Rifles

Nite Site has a technologically advanced night vision site, the Dark Widow Venom that will fit any scope and can be swapped between optics without ever sighting it in.

The site consists of a camera that fits over the back of your optic, which feeds video to a 3½-inch LCD screen that mounts on top of your scope or to either side of it. What you see on the LCD screen is what you would see out of the scope, except that it’s now a night vision optic capable of illuminating critters out to 375 yards. The sight can also be used in the daylight, unlike many night vision sites. For better clarity, the sight transmits the picture in a crisp black and white instead of the green color seen in most night vision sites

The unit is lightweight and you can control the brightness of the IR illuminators as well as the screen display. There is a video-out port so that you can record your hunts through the system.

The best aspect of the Dark Widow is that you can swap it between scopes without ever having to zero the site. As long as your scope is sighted in, the video feedback uses your existing scopes reticle (will show illuminated reticles in video feed) and focus adjustments.

The unit is built with a weather-tight design, comes with a rechargeable Li-on internal battery (4-hour runtime) and features a low-battery indicator. The Venom comes with a hard case for storage and transport and has a 1-year warranty. The complete unit sells for $1,198. A Venom X model is available that illuminates targets out to 550 yards and it sells for $1,398.


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