FLIR Shatters Thermal Price Barrier With The New Scout TK

FLIR's new Scout TK model makes quality thermal vision available to everyone. At a price point of just $599, the new hand held model provides stunning clarity and range.
FLIR Shatters Thermal Price Barrier With The New Scout TK

So far 2016 is the year of affordable thermal vision. The reason is an old technology rule of thumb called Moores Law. That says that electronic functionality will double every 18 months. Correspondingly, with each technological leap, prices fall dramatically. It wasn't long ago that any decent thermal vision solution would set you back thousands. Now, you can get thermal optics for well under $1,000.

Enter the FLIR Scout TK. This new handheld unit retails for just $599. Earlier this week, we took a look at a different approach from Seek Thermal. What’s the difference? If you care about clarity and range for your money, the FLIR Scout TK is simply amazing. I had the opportunity to carry one around the SHOT Show floor for a while and was stunned at the clarity of imagery. Later in the evening, I took one out to a balcony overlooking the Las Vegas Strip and checked out the activity on the street. People walking 100 to 200 yards away were clear, particularly when I chose the gray shade pallet views.

SHOT Show as seen through the FLIR Scout TK.

On the outside, it looks like a miniaturized version of the existing Scout models, complete with the classic shape, one-handed operation, and soft eyepiece. However the TK model eight just six ounces and is perhaps 60% of the size of its predecessors.

One of the many pallets that highlight warmer areas using color.

The Scout TK features an internal rechargeable battery, internal storage that will hold 1,000 still images and four hours of video and a bright 640x480 screen. The Scout TK allows you to pick from numerous pallets that contrast hot and cold areas using gray scales and color.

Now with the new price points, quality thermal vision is available to most everyone. Units will ship worldwide during the first quarter of 2016.


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