Coonan 1911 Shoots .357 Magnums

Coonan makes the only 1911 on the market that shoots the ever-popular .357 Magnum.
Coonan 1911 Shoots .357 Magnums

There are a slew of 1911s on the market today, but there’s only one we know of that is chambered for the .357 Magnum. It’s made by a company called Coonan, which has been around for a while but sort of relaunched and came back to life in 2009.

The Coonan 1911 is crafted from stainless steel and comes in just about any color you want — classic wood grips, black DuraCoat, four different digital camo patterns, purple bling — you name it. They’re manufactured to exact, close tolerances for supreme accuracy, reliability and shooting comfort.

It’s got a crisp 4-pound trigger, low-profile sights and palm-filling grips, and Dan Coonan says “You’ll never shoot anything like a Coonan, and you won’t understand it until you do.”

There’s a Classic and a Compact version. The Classic has a 5-inch barrel (the Compact is 4) and holds 7+1 (6+1 for the Compact). The Classic weighs 42 ounces empty and measures 8.9 inches overall, and it’s 1.3 inches wide. It comes with dovetail front and rear fixed sights, but you can upgrade them to optional adjustable night sights. You can also upgrade to DuraCoat, a longer barrel, a threaded barrel, and assorted grip options.

Other features include a linkless barrel, a pivoting trigger and an extended slide catch and thumb lock for one-handed operation.

It comes with the standard 22-pound recoil spring, but a 10-pound spring comes in the box with the gun. That spring allows you to shoot .38 spl loads out of the Coonan if you want to. If you load your .38 spl loads pretty hot, they’ll work with the standard spring as well — just make sure they have enough heat to cycle properly.

The Coonan 1911 starts around $1375 MSRP, but you’ll probably tack on a few accessories and options for a few more bucks.


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