Self-Filmed Video: Bowhunting Idaho Elk

Lydia Smith is an artist with a passion for hunting elk and other big game, and this is her first attempt at filming one of her solo adventures.

Self-Filmed Video: Bowhunting Idaho Elk

On Lydia Smith’s Facebook page, she states this in the “About” section:

Hunt To Live. Live To Inspire. Forever dedicated to the outdoors and the wild game that lives in it. Wildlife artist & hunting guide.

Lydia also has a website dedicated to her artwork ( She is a self-taught artist (below) who began taking her craft seriously at the age of 15. Today, she specializes in wildlife-themed pieces; the backcountry of Idaho and Montana serve as her biggest inspiration. The focus of Lydia’s artwork is directed toward the hunting industry, and she donates multiple original drawings to non-profit banquets each year.

As you’ll see in the video below, Lydia also loves horses. She has a wild mustang, Kilchii, that she tamed and trained herself, and even though she didn’t grow up in a hunting family, she’s learned how to blend her love for horses with her love of the outdoors and conservation. Elk is one of her favorite species to pursue, and just as she taught herself to draw and hunt, she also taught herself how to call. Today, she competes regularly in elk calling competitions, and has a few wins and other high finishes to her credit.

Lydia Smith and her mustang, Kilchii.
Lydia Smith and her mustang, Kilchii.

This YouTube video showcases Lydia’s 2021 archery elk hunt in the Idaho wilderness. It’s her first attempt at self-filming an adventure. Note: This isn’t a high-dollar private ranch: It’s the Idaho general season (over-the-counter tags), and she’s camping and hunting on public land.

Viewing tip: Lydia’s film is 30 minutes long, so plan accordingly. Her DIY accomplishment is impressive, and the footage top-notch. Turn up the volume to hear the various wilderness sounds, including the bugles ripping through the trees. This is fine storytelling; take the time to fully enjoy it. 

P.S. The best place to follow along on Lydia’s most recent adventures is Instagram: @lydiasmith00. There, you’ll see many of her fantastic hunting pics, as well as her video clips, including some of her mustang, Kilchii, showing off his skills.


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