Video: Save Your Failing Food Plot — Now!

If one of your whitetail food plots is failing, early September is the time to save it. Here’s how.

Video: Save Your Failing Food Plot — Now!

You’ve invested time and money into building food plots, but one of them is failing. Is there anything you can do yet this year to save it? The answer is “yes” but you have to act quickly.

In the YouTube video below, Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions provides four remedies for a sick food plot. The key is timing. In the Midwest, the window of opportunity to save a failing food plot is only 2 weeks long — the first half of September. You must get fast-growing seed on the ground as soon as possible, and also control existing weeds, which always seem to flourish regardless of summer drought or other negative factors.

Don’t delay. Watch this video and then implement plan B. You can still have a good food plot for this fall’s deer season.


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