Trail Camera Tactics for Coyotes

Sometimes if feels like you are battling the world alone. Forget that when it comes to scouting coyotes. Put a team of trail cameras to work for you.

Trail Camera Tactics for Coyotes

Most of you have at least one if not 10 trail cameras to put out during the summer for deer. But why not set a couple up strategically to catch the activities of coyotes at the same time. You will need to adjust the height to capture the shorter canines or possibly hang a camera higher in a tree and point it downward to capture all movement. Remember, the average whitetail measures approximately 3 feet at the shoulder and a coyote rarely measures 2 feet so adjustment might be necessary.

Another consideration is to set the camera at a 45-degree angle of the pathway or area instead of a broadside setting. You gain a larger trigger area with more potential to capture fleet-footed coyotes. To pause those marathon team members, consider using coyote urine or even an all-species scent attractant, such as Wildlife Research Center’s Active Cam. Spraying urine on a fence post or log and hanging a wick of scent should make coyotes smile for the camera. — Mark Kayser


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