Oklahoma Considers Night Hunting of Coyotes

Hunters in the Sooner State take aim on night hunting for coyotes.

Oklahoma Considers Night Hunting of Coyotes

A bill has been introduced in Oklahoma that would allow coyote hunting at night. Photo: Gordy Krahn

Debate is raging in Oklahoma about a bill that would allow hunting coyotes at night with rifles, night-vision and thermal optics.

The bill would eliminate the requirement to obtain a permit to hunt coyotes at night and advanced through the House and was in the Senate for consideration. Year-long depredation permits can be obtained now, but this bill would remove that requirement. Opponents claim an increased risk due to the use of rifles and other safety reasons. Others say poaching of game, such as whitetail deer, could increase. 

Proponents say protecting livestock is a critical aspect of the bill. Another is an increase in wildlife that coyotes prey on, such as wild turkeys, upland birds and whitetail fawns.


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