“The Walking Dead” Features a Bowhunter in Last Night’s Episode

We're happy the hit TV Show "The Walking Dead" featured a bowhunter, but we're bummed he's a "walker."

Fans of AMC's hit TV show "The Walking Dead" may have noticed an interesting character in last night's episode: the treestand walker. Those who follow the show know it often features  crossbows. After all, firearms are too loud because, if you know anything about walkers (The Walking Dead’s name for zombies), you know they’re drawn to sound.

So if you’re trying to avoid zombies and you’re first line of defense is a quiet one, well then, you’re winning.

But back to last night’s doomed bowhunter. This guy gets high marks for practicing spot-on treestand safety with a safety harness, but he ultimately meets his fate in the woods outside of the main group's colony in the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

In the video below, Spencer, one of Alexandria's residents, dislodges the walker from his treestand and resourcefully takes the compound bow for himself.


These scenes prompted a few bowhunting questions around the office:

  1. What weapon would you want to have on hand during the zombie apocalypse?
  2. How handy would a compound bow be during a zombie apocalypse?
  3. The video quality makes it tough to identify the bow brand. What say you?

Questions abound. If you need more context to fully consider the questions, get a quick “Walking Dead” orientation by visiting the show’s wiki page.



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