Video: Tips for Beating Target Panic From Levi Morgan (Part 3 of 4)

Legendary tournament shooter Levi Morgan spills the beans with his tips for beating target panic. Yes, he battles it, too! This is the third video of a four-part series.

Video: Tips for Beating Target Panic From Levi Morgan (Part 3 of 4)

Levi Morgan is the most successful tournament shooter on the planet, and he’s an accomplished bowhunter, too. His incredible streak of 12 Male Open Pro Shooter of the Year titles finally ended in 2019. Believe it or not, he’s battled target panic in the past, and he continues to struggle with those demons today. Morgan has, however, found ways to work through the affliction, and he’s now sharing those tips with the masses.

The video below is the third in a four-week series on the topic of beating target panic. In this installment, Morgan covers the complex issue of “to see or not to see.” He breaks down what it is that he wants to see during the aiming process, which includes a crisp view his pin, dot, peep, target and scope housing. As Morgan says, he wants to clearly see “enough to be accurate,” and a big part of this is having the correct lens in your peep based on your eyesight, as well as the correct-sized pin.

Morgan also details what not to see, which includes blurriness of pin, dot, peep and target. He doesn’t want to see light around the scope housing, and he talks about the problems of not seeing the housing itself. Finally, he explains that having a pin that’s too small or a lens that’s too powerful can lead to problems at the line.

Check out the informative video below! (If you missed Morgan’s first video about target panic, you can find it by clicking here; if you missed the second one, click here.)


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