Video: Joel Turner’s Steps for Better Bow Shooting

If you want to improve as an archer, on bull’s-eyes or live animals, you have to control your mind through the shot process. Archery instructor Joel Turner can help you get there.

Video: Joel Turner’s Steps for Better Bow Shooting

Shooting a bow accurately isn’t easy. Period. But that’s only part of it. Archery seems to be one of those rare activities that instead of getting better with more practice, you can often get worse.

How is this possible? The problem is your mind — specifically your thoughts during the shot process.

In the YouTube video below, you’ll learn how to execute a shot under pressure. The key is focus, and the program explained was developed by Joel Turner (photo above). His background is interesting. Joel has been a police officer, firearms instructor, and sniper team leader on a SWAT Team in the State of Washington for more than 20 years. He became the lead firearms instructor at the Basic Law Enforcement Academy in 2009. Joel has taken what he learned from his years in law enforcement firearms training and transferred it to archery. (Click here to learn more about his ShotIQ training sessions, specific to archery, long guns or handguns.)

Watch the video below and you’ll get a good idea regarding Joel’s mental process for better shooting. I’ve started implementing his ideas into my regular practice and it’s making a significant difference in positive ways.

If you struggle with accuracy, consistency or target panic — and everyone has it to some degree — Joel’s suggestions will help you get your mind right during the shot process. The 6-minute video is narrated by Joel. He explains how you can navigate what he calls the “Shot Control House.”

Watch, listen and learn. (I found it helpful to write down the few key steps to Joel’s system so I had them handy when I stepped onto the range.)


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