Video: Hunting Winter Coyotes With a Longbow

Winter is prime time to call coyotes, but killing one with a longbow is still a monumental challenge.

Video: Hunting Winter Coyotes With a Longbow

In the 6-minute YouTube video below, the hosts of TyTan Ventures take on the challenge of calling winter coyotes and then killing one with a longbow. As you’ll see, the area they’re hunting in Saskatchewan has a high coyote population. Even so, getting drawn on a coyote with a compound bow is problematic; doing it with a longbow, where you can’t draw early and then wait for a close-range shot, is tremendously difficult.

Compared to a compound with sights, one advantage to shooting a traditional bow with no sights is it’s easier to hit a moving target. Note I said “easier” and not “easy.” There’s nothing easy about hitting a moving, wary coyote.

The hunters highlighted here, Tyler and Tanner, have chosen an outstanding ambush. The winding, frozen creek is surrounded with thick cover and deep snow, and it serves as an ideal runway. With Tyler hiding only 5 yards off to the side of the creek, the coyotes move past him on their way to Tanner, who’s calling. The action is fast!

A month later, Tanner and Kaitlyn cross-country ski into the same spot, and this time Tanner is the shooter. I won’t ruin the epic ending.


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