Video: Field Test of Six 2022 Flagship Compound Bows

Six new-for-2022 flagship compound bows are put to test for speed, accuracy, sound, fit and finish, and other important criteria.

Video: Field Test of Six 2022 Flagship Compound Bows

For the past 7 years, HuntStand has conducted an extensive field test of new flagship compound bows. As in other years, this most recent test was led by Mark Melotik (above), who previously spent 17 years as editor of Bowhunting World magazine.

During 2022, Melotik tested the Bear Refine EKO, Bowtech SR350, Elite EnVision, Mathews V3X 33, PSE EVO XF 30 and Prime Inline 3.

Important note: Melotik reaches out to several companies and invites them to ship the bow of their choice for the annual test. That’s why you see a mix of bow lengths. Also, some companies choose not to submit a bow for a testing.

As you’ll see in the YouTube video below, Melotik tested the six flagship compounds for speed with help from a shooting machine and chronograph, as well as sound with help from a decibel meter. In addition, he documented each bow’s mass weight, and awarded points for accuracy, fit and finish, ergonomics, in-the-field maneuverability, let-off, draw cycle, and price point. 

On level ground, Melotik shot the bows at targets from 20 to 60 yards, then tested them from treestands, too. His goal was a well-rounded field test that would help you make a smart choice if you’re in the market for a new compound.

The 11-minute video below is a summary of Melotik’s field test, but you can watch more detailed videos about each specific test bow on HuntStand’s YouTube channel. After his testing, Melotik named three 2022 HuntStand awards: Editor’s Choice, Silver, and Best Value. 

Think you can predict the test winner? Check out the video to see if you’re correct.


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