The Life Of A Bowhunter In Deer Season: Day 5

With light waning on Bauserman's day five evening hunt, a shooter buck makes an appearance.
The Life Of A Bowhunter In Deer Season: Day 5

November 9, 2015
Location: Southeast Colorado
Time: 4:55 P.M.
Wind: East 15-17 MPH
Temperature: 62 Degrees Fahrenheit
Moon: Waning Crescent
Pressure: 29.83 Holding

Note: Each of these blogs are typed and prepared in the field in real time on an iPhone. Mistakes are inevitable.

With an easterly wind, I opted to return to the same stand I sat on the evening of day four. I have a lot of confidence in that stand and after seeing a grunting buck, though he was very young, I figured the set was a smart play.

The pressure was well below 30, but I had activity the entire evening. First, a flock of turkeys came wandering through, then a small buck and then a doe. Then, just as the sun was setting, I saw him. He was beautiful. His tall rack shimmered in the remaining light and he was pushing a doe in my direction. Unfortunately, the minute they popped out into my shooting lane the rutting 8 point began to chase her around. I grunted loudly and the buck stopped and looked directly up at me. I was already drawn and burying the single-pin of my Black Gold ( Ascent on his side. The shot broke and the buck ducked and whirled. I saw my Easton ( Full Metal Jacket 6MM bury what I'm hoping is under the spine about three inches. He bounded off.

The trauma from the Rage ( Hypodermic was evident. The ground, for about 10 yards, was covered in blood. Then I found the arrow. It was snapped off and about 12 inches - 12 bloodless inches aside from a few specks - lie on the ground. Confused, but hoping the arrow which traveled 33 yards at a downward angle, broke off in his far-side shoulder.

I backed out. The temperatures will be in the high 20s and the meat will be fine. Praying that it all works out in the morning. I love bowhunting!

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