The Life Of A Bowhunter In Deer Season: Day 15

Back home and back in the office after tornadoes, snow storms, two states and few successful hunts...Bauserman begins his search for a Damage Tag doe.
The Life Of A Bowhunter In Deer Season: Day 15

Before I pen this blog, let me start with a little disclaimer: I love to shoot deer. Period. Any deer. Those closest to me know I get just about as worked up after skewering a plump doe as I do a buck. I hope I never change – never forget what bowhunting is all about – never get caught up in the game of trophy hunting. I bowhunt for the sheer joy and thrill of getting close to animals in nature, and if you’ve read any of my From The Editor letters in Bowhunting World magazine, you know the only expectations/goals I try to live up to are those I set for myself. Now I feel better.

Today I returned to one of my Colorado spots – a spot I hold a doe Damage Tag license for. I haven’t been in the area in quite some time, and I wanted to check what kind of deer activity my Moultrie cameras have been detecting.

Just as I suspected, I have plenty of does to chase and will be heading out in the coming days. While I do feel that we as bowhunters rely on trail cameras a little too heavily at times, I sure do appreciate being a able to have “eyes” in the field when hands-on scouting is an impossibility.

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