We Take TenPoint’s Turbo GT Crossbow To The Deer Woods

A consistently accurate performance is just one reason sales of this new-for-2016 crossbow have been so brisk.
We Take TenPoint’s Turbo GT Crossbow To The Deer Woods

Like much of the country this deer season, north-central Nebraska has been hot, hot, hot, with daytime temps approaching 70 degrees this past week. No longies needed!

Hunting with Scott and LaCaylla Fink of Goose Creek Outfitters — who do a superb job and have a lot of great land to hunt; I recommend them highly — I had a chance to test drive TenPoint’s Hot Turbo GT Crossbow, plus some cool accessories. The Turbo GT was introduced last January, and I can see why sales have been brisk.

The Turbo GT pairs a new stock and barrel design with the company’s time-tested technology to add improved performance and maneuverability to the newest version in a long line of successful TenPoint Turbo models. The stock assembly features the company’s new shorter Fusion S stock and 19½-inch synthetic barrel, fitted with a 4-inch bullpup version of its 3½-pound T3 auto-engaging safety trigger. Configured with optimal comb-height and a two-position adjustable butt plate to match the shooter’s length of pull, the Fusion S stock, made from PolyOne OnForce, employs strategically placed cutouts in the foregrip and butt stock to reduce weight and improve handling and balance. The foregrip cutouts also allow shooters to wrap their thumb and fingers “into” the grip. This feature and the glass-reinforced nylon safety wings located on the stock above the grip both help to keep the shooter’s fore-grip hand safely below the arrow flight deck.

The Turbo GT’s 175-pound XLT bow assembly measures just 13½-inches axle-to-axle when cocked. Its machined riser is fitted with 11-inch IsoTaper Limbs, MRX cams, DynaFLIGHT 97 string and cables and a detachable, lightweight, coated aluminum foot stirrup. Assembled, the Turbo GT is 35 inches long, weighs 6½ pounds and shoots up to 360 fps. That is 3 inches shorter, a ½ pound lighter and 15 fps faster than its Turbo XLT II predecessor.

“So what?” you might ask. Here are two things I really liked: TenPoint’s 3X Pro-View 2 scope is an 8½-inch aluminum-tube scope featuring 20-, 30-, 40- and 50-yard dots and fully-coated 3X optics. Available with non-illuminated black dots or, like mine did, with one of two rheostat-controlled, illuminated colored dots (red or green). It’s a great crossbow scope and dots can be calibrated to bow speed to make them dead-on at the prescribed distance. I checked it out; this is fact, not fiction. I shot TenPoint Pro Elite 20-inch 22/64ths diameter carbon fiber arrows (made by Easton) fitted with a 68-grain brass insert and TenPoint’s neon red Superbrite Omni-Nock lighted nock system. With an NAP SlingBlade 2-blade mechanical head (1 7/8-inch cutting diameter when opened), I consistently shot 1-inch 3-arrow groups at 40 yards.

I also love the ACUdraw 50 cocking rope system. Integrated into the butt stock, the ACUdraw 50 ropes retract neatly inside the unit’s housing after cocking — no muss, no fuss. The contoured ACUdraw 50 covers fit the stock for security when not in use. And it draws the bowstring consistently every time.

My bow also came equipped with the SteddyEddy Crossbow Monopod System. This telescoping two-section monopod ensures motion-free shooting while seated in a treestand or ground blind, or while standing with the shooting stick supported against your mid-section. It extends from 25 to 36 inches with a quick turn of the extension pole. It’s a solid addition.

So, how’d it work afield? The young buck I killed appeared at dawn before I could see without optics. He stood stock-still, checking things out as the light slowly became stronger. I ranged him at 49 yards. Seated in a ground blind, I used the SteddyEddy to brace myself, centered the 50-yard dot on the deer’s chest and squeezed the trigger. He never knew what happened.

All in all, I ran about 200 arrows on the range, shooting prone, seated in a chair, kneeling and standing. I shot at foam targets and a 3D buck target. I walked away feeling ultra-confident that this crossbow would do the job for me under the most demanding conditions.

The Turbo GT sells only as a complete package, which includes scope, cocking mechanism, three Pro Elite carbon arrows, quiver and Side-Mount Quiver Bracket. MSRP is $799 with Rope Cocker, $899 with ACUdraw 50, and $999 with ACUdraw. For more information, visit www.tenpointcrossbows.com.


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