Featured image: David Hand, SLASH Arrows CEO, demonstrates how the in-shaft expandable blades work to create a devastating wound channel. (Credit: Amy Hatfield)

You like expandables, but you don’t trust them. The concept makes so much sense, but what if they don’t expand on contact? Then what?

Never mind all that. SLASH Arrows overcomes this either/or scenario by giving bowhunters both: fixed broadhead in the front for penetration, in-shaft expandable blades following the broadhead for a devastating wound channel.

This double whammy makes big game fall quickly and aids in recovery.

How it works

The 60-grain broadhead with the EXP and 75-grain broadhead with the MAG at the tip of the arrow enters first, cutting a leading path of destruction. A few inches behind, once the arrow SLASH Arrows shaft enters, two expandable INsetBlade Deployable Blades expand. These expandable blades are aligned so that new tissue is being cut, making the total amount of cutting far greater than many broadhead and arrow systems.

In fact, SLASH Arrows provide over 200 percent more cutting surface and a 275 percent larger wound channel than a typical broadhead and arrow setup.

The key to this efficiency is when the blades deploy: not on contact but internally, after entry. This means there is no valuable kinetic energy wasted on entry.

To learn more  about SLASH Arrows, check out the brand’s product page and FAQs.