Self-Filmed Whitetail Video: 170-Class Louisiana Buck With a Recurve

Traditional bowhunter Harmon Carson arrowed a huge whitetail buck in his home state of Louisiana, and he captured the entire DIY adventure on video.

Self-Filmed Whitetail Video: 170-Class Louisiana Buck With a Recurve

Louisiana resident Harmon Carson has a YouTube channel called Bayou Bowhunter (Instagram: @bayoubowhunter). He’s been a full-time taxidermist (New Life Taxidermy) for the past five years. As an avid traditional archer, Carson travels across the country in pursuit of various big game species, but the vast majority of his time is spent bowhunting in northwest Louisiana targeting wild hogs and whitetails.

Even though Louisiana isn’t well known for big whitetails, Carson loves the challenge of finding a particular mature buck and then learning as much as he can about that animal through trail cameras (he runs about a dozen) and on-the-ground scouting for deer sign.

In the video below, you’ll see the interesting history behind a mature whitetail buck that Carson named Jacob. What I like best about this video is Carson’s Louisiana hunting property isn’t heavily managed with food plots, dedicated sanctuaries, and other habitat features you often see on many whitetail videos highlighted on YouTube. The terrain looks nothing like Illinois, Iowa, Kansas or Wisconsin. Carson is hunting thick cypress swamps and hardwood bottoms, and the keys to his whitetail success are studying trail cam pics; finding rubs, scrapes and browse sign; as well as searching for deer droppings and tracks beneath an oak that is currently dropping acorns.

Congrats to Harmon Carson on a fantastic buck. I look forward to following his YouTube channel for more great DIY hunting content with traditional gear.


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