Revealed: New-for-2023 The Hunting Public/Bear Adapt Compound

Working with the team from The Hunting Public, Bear Archery recently announced its 2023 Bear Adapt solo-cam compound.

Revealed: New-for-2023 The Hunting Public/Bear Adapt Compound

Aaron Warbritton, co-host of The Hunting Public, with a Texas feral hog killed with the new Bear Adapt compound.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you’ve seen the online content produced by the team at The Hunting Public. A couple of the THP guys got their start working as interns for Bill Winke and his online show Midwest Whitetail, and the team is relatively small with five co-hosts sharing duties in front and behind the camera. Similar to the Midwest Whitetail model, they add a couple interns to their staff each year to help with the filming and editing workload. They focus on spring turkey hunting and fall whitetails.

To date, The Hunting Public has nearly 500,000 subscribers on YouTube. Since joining YouTube in September 2017, they’ve posted more than 825 videos, with close to 138 million total views. In other words, they have serious influence in the hunting community, especially among DIY deer and turkey hunters who spend considerable time on public land. I’ve highlighted their content a few times on this website, including this article titled, “Hunting Ethics: What Would You Do?”

In my opinion, one reason The Hunting Public is so popular is their content isn’t product driven. Yes, they have sponsors, but unlike many outdoor shows, the focus is on strategy and not selling gear. They don’t drive around in pickups and SUVs wrapped like something from a NASCAR race. They don’t have the latest and greatest in camo or rain gear. Oftentimes they camp in inexpensive tents to save money. You get the idea.

One of The Hunting Public’s primary sponsors is Bear Archery, and the company just announced its new-for-2023 Bear Adapt solo-cam compound. The guys from The Hunting Public believe strongly in the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principle with all their gear. They want a compound that is easy to tune, smooth to draw, accurate, quiet, dependable and a great value.

“First, we wanted a bow that was easy to tune,” said Aaron Warbritton (top photo), co-host of The Hunting Public. “Bowhunters like shooting a variety of broadhead and arrow combinations, and the Adapt was designed to easily tune with most of them. Second, the bow needed to be accurate and forgiving to shoot. The average whitetail hunter is taking close-range shots in dynamic hunting situations. We wanted the bow to be dependable and forgiving in these ever-changing scenarios. These two points in turn lead us to the name, " Adapt.” The Adapt draws easily with a solid back wall making it perfect for unpredictable hunting positions like crouching on the ground or hanging from a saddle. This bow was made to hunt and that's exactly what we intend to do with it."

Bow Features and Specs

The Bear Adapt measures 32 inches axle-to-axle and has a 6.5-inch brace height, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and forgiving to shoot from awkward positions. The single cam design features an 80 percent let-off and ships with an optional limb stop for a rock-hard back wall. The Adapt offers a comfortable draw cycle and can accommodate draw lengths from 24-31 inches.

The 2023 Bear Adapt is available now at Bear Archery authorized dealers and online as a bow-only option in both 45-60 and 55-70 pound limb weights (320 fps IBO). Ready to Hunt (RTH) variants will be offered later this fall for those looking to add a Trophy Ridge sight, rest, stabilizer, quiver, no-tie tube peep, and D-loop to the bow. The bow only version will be available solely in a Throwback Tan finish, which is composed of a desert tan riser and Fred Bear camo limbs. The Ready to Hunt models will be available in TrueTimber Strata, Throwback Tan, Veil Whitetail, and solid Olive.

MSRP: $459.99/bow only; RTH models will start at $559.99


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