Product Profile: TruGlo Continues Innovation With New Releases

TruGlo's Carbon XS Xtreme, BOW JACK Mini headline introduction of new items.

Product Profile: TruGlo Continues Innovation With New Releases

TruGlo has been supplying the archery and firearm industries worldwide with technologically advanced sights and accessories since 1993. The Texas-based manufacturer has become a household name among hunters and marksmen, and many of the world’s most successful sportsmen/women use nothing else.

“Innovation” is perhaps an over-used word in the archery industry, but TruGlo uses it credibly. In fact, one glance at its products proves the company not only understands innovation, but strives for it.

TruGlo’s archery sector aims to follow up on its ultra-successful Carbon Hybrid sight — introduced in 2015 — with the brand-new Carbon XS Xtreme. Its carbon-composite construction amounts to less than 4.2 ounces in mass and a reversible mounting bracket drastically boosts vertical adjustability. TRU-FLO Fiber Technology enhances brightness for dusk-and-dawn scenarios, and a glow-in-the-dark sight-housing ring helps shooters acquire and center the sight in their peep. The Carbon XS Xtreme also features TRU-TOUCH soft-feel technical coating for the ultimate stealth by design. Ambidextrous, the sight accommodates right- or left-handed shooters. All of these features add up to a sight that outperforms its affordable $60 MSRP.

Also new for 2016 is the BOW JACK Mini. This bow complements its big brother — the BOW JACK — for archers seeking an independent, ultra-portable bow holder. Perfect for 3-D and field archery, the BOW JACK and BOW JACK Mini also keep your bow ready in ground-blind hunting situations. Integrated finger tabs deliver one-handed operation, and rubber-coated grips secure the bow for a no-slip design that doesn’t scratch bow limbs. Plus, they operate silently. Both models accommodate most bows and crossbows. Stainless-steel hardware rounds out this patent-pending accessory.

Other notable accessories in TruGlo’s lineup are the Nitrus and Detonator releases featuring BOA straps. Quiver connoisseurs will love the field-proven TRU-TEC LT quiver with dual grippers and integrated tree hook. Stabilizer offerings range from the economical Deadenator XS to the TRU-TEC QD and Carbon Pro to the ultra-versatile Carbon XS.

The breadth of TruGlo’s archery offerings spans well beyond sights and basic accessories, though. Crossbow fanatics can choose from scopes, red-dots and silencers. Bowfishermen even get their piece of the pie with the SPRING-SHOT and ACCU-X Capture rests, SPEED-SHOT Bowfishing Arrow, String Finger Guards and SPEED-SHOT Bowfishing Point.

After more than two decades in business, a look at the past, present and future shows TruGlo is advancing forward in its highly competitive product categories. Its innovation-driven team works relentlessly toward providing the best products possible with incredible value-added features. TruGlo also gives back to the hunting and shooting industries by supporting youth programs, conservation groups and organizations that promote the values it believes are necessary to guarantee the industry’s future.


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