Preview the June issue of Bowhunting World

Bowhunters, get the scoop on BowTech''s "Experience" and Prime''s "Impact", plus discover bowfishing and hone your shooting skills.

Preview the June issue of Bowhunting World

Spring is a mix of activity for bowhunters. In the here-and-now, you’ve got turkey and bear seasons, yet you’re looking ahead, too, honing your skills and equipment for the fall big game seasons. With top-notch equipment advice, tried-and-true tactics, plus advice and ideas for your next adventure, you will want to turn to the June 2013 issue of Bowhunting World magazine for…

Latest Equipment Developments

Hot New Bows Part Two: Rick Combs continues his detailed look at 2013’s latest and hottest bows. If you thought that bows could not draw any smoother or quieter, this year’s array of choices will surprise you.

Bow Reports: BowTech Experience & Prime Impact—Want a closer look at two top contenders? Rick Combs delves into BowTech’s Experience that, even with a torque-reducing deflexed riser, exceptionally smooth draw stroke, full 80 percent letoff, forgiving brace height, and minimal noise and vibration, nonetheless achieves top speeds of 335 fps. Prime’s Impact is fast (340 fps), yet there is very little movement, with no hand shock or vibration to speak of. Find out how Impact’s design maximizes ease of tuning, stability, and forgiveness.

Home Bow Mechanic: Cranking Up Bow Speed—You can crank up your bow speed with a couple simple changes to arrow selection, release aid, and draw length, says bow expert Brad Strandlund. “I was able to unleash an extra 42 feet per second from my BowTech Insanity without ever touching draw weight adjustments,” he says.

Shooting Practice & Technique

From The Editor: Perfect Practice For Bowhunters—The good news, says Editor Mike Strandlund, is you can train and prepare yourself to come through in the moment of truth. He offers best practice setups, shooting techniques, and the right mindsets to make the most of your equipment and your situation.

The Bowfishing Experience: Want some off-season practice? For a small investment in bowfishing gear, you hundreds of shot opportunities close to home. Bowfishing, says Mitch Kezar, offers as much low-pressure fun for your money as you can get, and it’s a great day on the water.

Bowhunt Planning & Prep

Networking For Hogs: Did you know that a low-cost bowhunt may be as close as your computer, archery show, or favorite archery shop? Jace Bauserman explores how social networking can lead you to some unforgettable hunting adventures and friendships that will last a lifetime.

Bear Essentials: If you have ever dreamed of an Alaskan black bear bowhunt, Paul D. Atkins offers the ins & outs of setting up an enjoyable, successful adventure in Alaska’s legendary Southeast or, perhaps, somewhere closer to home. (Don’t forget your headnet!)

Real-World Experience

Bow Birds: You don’t need to hunt from a blind; prop yourself up against a tree trunk, just as rifle hunters do, says Bob Humphrey. The added mobility means you can go after birds that don’t follow a script. Humphrey shares tried-and-true turkey tactics for outwitting and bringing in wary, hyper-alert toms.

Back Country: Sneaking Up On Eyeballs—Bob Robb recalls how shooting pronghorn with a rifle and a bow are two entirely different things. Their superior sight, smell, and hearing are just half the story. “Throw in the fact that pronghorn are rarely found alone and add a dose of the mostly flat country they call home, and it’s a wonder a spot & stalk bowhunter ever gets a quality shot,” he says. So how did Robb fare? Find out!

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