Life Of A Bowhunter 2016: Day 5

After tagging out on elk, I take my Oklahoma friends out to bag a big buck on the prairie.
Life Of A Bowhunter 2016: Day 5

Being tagged out is nice, but there is no time to rest. My good friends from Oklahoma, Scott and Joni Sanderford, the owners of Croton Creek Outfitters, are here to hunt. Scott hunted with me last me last year and arrowed a beautiful buck over water. This year, he has elected to become a prairie rat and try to anchor a goat by way of spot and stalk.image2 

Joni, the more sensible of the two, is sitting in a ground blind with my wife, Amy. About a mile from them, our other Sooner State friends, Nicky and Josh Barfield, are battling the heat and hoping for a good buck to come dunk his head in their tank. 

Scott and I are pinned down, waiting for the bedded buck that is 200 yards from us to turn and work our way. So far, I've been very impressed with both the comfort and concealment my Browning Hell's Canyon garments are providing. The light- to mid-tone colors blend perfectly with the baked prairie earth, sunflowers and grass. It's lightweight and doesn't restrict movement. It also has excellent elbow and knee articulation. 

Hopefully, this bruiser buck will give Scott and I a chance, and maybe the forecasts for rain will hold off long enough for Joni and Nicky to score over water.

How about all of you? Anybody else out chasing the prince of the plains?


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