How much is a great chair worth to you?

No, the Yeti Hondo is not for everyone. But if you're tired of cheap chairs that don't last, a one-time investment can keep you happy and comfortable for years to come.
How much is a great chair worth to you?

Let’s get this out the way first: the new Hondo Base Camp Chair from Yeti isn’t cheap. Of course, if you’re expecting cheap from Yeti, you’re going to be disappointed.

But that seems to be the only disappointment a Yeti product will give you. Yeti produces premium products, with prices that generally reflect that fact.

The new Hondo is no exception. For 2018, Yeti jumped into the outdoor living category, and the resulting chair definitely lives up to expectations. The double-barrel aluminum alloy frame is made from the same material that makes up mountain bike frames, while the EasyBreathe Mesh with Flexgrid Technology is the same material you’ll find in climbing harnesses. Other features include Diehard Joint Construction — the sturdy, solid cast joints are similar to the ones on a truck’s door hinges — and a GridGuard over-mold that locks in the fabric for durability and comfort. A Hauler Handle is built into the frame for portability. The Hondo rated to hold 500 pounds without losing its shape.

So how much will the Hondo set you back? The chair retails for $299. I know, I know. It’s … a chair. You can probably absolutely grab a lawn chair from Walmart for far less.

The problem is, of course, that your cheap lawn chair probably isn’t going to last very long. I seem to have particularly bad luck with cheap chairs; mine never last more than a season. And so I end up buying another cheap chair. And another. And eventually I’ve laid out $299 for a bunch of broken chairs.

As the saying goes, I’m not rich enough to buy cheap stuff.

(Oh, and that cooler in the photo is the Tundra in coral. Like it? Get it now, because the coral is a limited edition color. Yeti is also offering drinkware in that limited run color.)


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