Get Geared! Bowhunting World Buyer’s Guide

What’s new? Bowhunting World’s annual Buyer’s Guide answers that with full coverage of the latest, greatest archery and hunting gear. What are the latest trends? What innovations are rocking the shooting world?

Get Geared! Bowhunting World Buyer’s Guide

new breed genetix• Bows: What will you be carrying next fall? Get yourself up to speed as Rick Combs covers 2011’s hottest, faster, smoother-shooting new bows. Speed, performance, and enhancements all get a thorough look here.

• Bowsights: Rick Sapp takes you through the many fiber optic choices that enhance natural lighting to zero in on game. Some, he says, are doubly enhanced with a glowing dot of tritium, a radioactive—but not electronic—isotope of hydrogen. Really?

• Arrows Rests: The modern arrow rest may seem like a simple tool on the surface, Rick Sapp observes, but it’s one with infinite mechanical complexity. The American spirit of innovation rises again in 2011, producing the finest examples of superbly engineered mechanical complexity ever turned out.

• Clothing: Camo is no longer just clothing, but part of our essential gear, says Clint Stone. And, in 2011, the modern bowhunter has never had it so good.

• Targets: Innovation comes in a wide variety of formats and price tags. Clint Stone claims that, whatever your needs, there’s a target right for your club or back yard.

• Releases: Steve Bartylla covers another innovative new crop that proves 2011 is much more than a typical “fine-tuning” year.

• Stands & Blinds: Ladders, climbers, hang-ons, and blinds all make significant advances in an innovation-filled class, Steve Bartylla says.

• Broadheads: Whether it’s more-radical fixed blades or larger-cutting-diameter mechanicals, Tracy Breen explores today’s heads, which promise more strength and overall deadliness on a wider variety of game.

• Arrows & Accessories: Mark Melotik looks at 2011’s straighter, more durable arrows, plus the accessories that aid their flight and effectiveness.

• Crossbows: Thanks to more hunting opportunities nationwide, crossbows and their accessories are making a bigger mark on the market.

• Gear: What will lure ’em in? What will keep you comfortable during an all-day sit? What must-haves do you need on your next bowhunt? Find out here.

All this and much, much more are in the 2011 Buyer’s Guide. Check it out!


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