First Look: Premium Scent Spray Cans from Wildlife Research Center

After years of development, and just in time for deer season, Wildlife Research Center expands its premium scents into pressurized spray cans.
First Look: Premium Scent Spray Cans from Wildlife Research Center

Wildlife Research CenterThe busy season is beginning to roll in hunting retail outlets throughout the country, and chances are good that you're curious about new products on display that could help you fill your whitetail tag this fall. Here are two new items from Wildlife Research Center that will easily fit in your daypack.

Almost every bowhunter has used Wildlife Research Center products in the past. From proven Scent Killer for eliminating odors to clever Key-Wicks for dispensing liquid attractants, the company has been a leader in odor elimination and scents. For 2018, WRC is introducing two new products specifically for whitetail hunters.

Golden Estrus Extra Premium Doe Urine with Estrus SecretionsWildlife Research CenterWildlife Research Center and Golden Doe Extra Premium Doe Urine are now available in high-performance spray cans, making it easier than ever to effectively dispense scent. These 3 FL OZ pressurized cans come standard with a High-Output sprayer. Not only will it spray upside down, but it also has up to a 25 percent higher output.

The Bag on Valve system separates the premium scent from pressurized air used to propel it out of the can. Some spray scent aerosols can be diluted with propellants, which in turn might contaminate the scent. Only high-quality propellant-free scent is dispersed from these Wildlife Research Center cans.

MSRP on the Golden Estrus and Golden Doe Super Charged 3 FL OZ sprays is $15.99.

One final comment: If you aren't sure that you want to try a product from Wildlife Research Center, keep in mind the company’s 100 percent money-back guarantee. WRC quote: “Regardless of where you buy it, if you are unsatisfied with any product we make, just send back the bottle with remaining contents, via insured carrier, along with a copy of your receipt and we will refund your purchase price — no questions asked!”

Wildlife Research CenterAbout Wildlife Research Center

Known for its innovative products in scents and scent elimination, Wildlife Research Center has been in business for 35 years. The company’s top-of-the-products are the basis for its slogan: “Helping hunters fill tags for 35 Years!”

For more information on the entire line of scent elimination products and hunting lures from Wildlife Research Center, visit


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