FIRST LOOK: Easton Stay Sharp Broadhead Case

Finally, somebody is building a bombproof travel case for hunting broadheads!
FIRST LOOK: Easton Stay Sharp Broadhead Case

I have spent decades trying every which way to find a secure system to store broadheads that’s tough, simple, easy to use and safe. In the old days it was everything from wrapping fixed-blade heads in paper towels after wiping them down with a thin coat of vegetable oil to customizing a cardboard, dozen-egg carton to small fishing tackle boxes.

You name it, I tried it. It became especially frustrating when flying to far away and remote locations, where you needed to keep you bowstring and cables away from sharp blades at all costs while jamming maximum stuff into a never-big-enough hard bow case.

Then came along the Easton Stay Sharp Broadhead Case.

Designed to keep broadhead components sharp, together, secure and ready for use in the field, this simplistic design does it all. Essentially, the patent-pending design utilizes “rubber-fingers” to suspend the ferrule and eliminate blade edge contact within the internal case.

Each unit can hold up to six mechanical or fixed-blade broadheads with a cutting diameter of 1 1/8-inches without you having to make any changes. You simply insert the heads as directed on the packing, and BAM! They’re in there snug as a bug in a rug, the blades not touching anything that can dull them, and the heads separated from each other.

The Stay Sharp features an extremely durable ABS plastic body with snap-fit locking polycarbonate end caps. It also comes with 12 retaining threaded inserts (6 black for 8-32 threads and 6 red for Deep Six threads) that secure blades, O-rings and collars tightly against the ferrule.

Using it is simple.

You first screw the proper retainer onto the broadhead threads. Then, after removing one of the unit’s end caps, simply slide the head in place as directed. It holds three broadheads per side. When one side is full, you snap the end cap back in place, then turn it over, fill the other side, and then secure the remaining end cap. When using mechanical heads like the Rage, which use plastic blade retention collars, you just have to be careful not to screw the retaining threaded insert on so tightly that it pops that collar.

The unit measures a compact 4 inches tall x 5 inches wide x 1 ¾ inches deep -- perfect for packing in a hard bow case for flying, a soft case for driving, or in your daypack. I found them on the Cabela’s website last week for $19.99. More information is available at


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