Deer Camp Conversation Starter: Mini 3-D ‘Stick Pin’ Whitetail

When it comes to debating archery shot angles, or recreating a recent shot taken by you or a bowhunting buddy, the Mini 3-D ‘Stick Pin’ Deer is a tremendous tool.

Deer Camp Conversation Starter: Mini 3-D ‘Stick Pin’ Whitetail

First, a bit of background: The National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) promotes responsible bowhunting through education. The NBEF organizes and implements its International Bowhunter Education Program (known simply as Bowhunter Education) worldwide by supplying educational materials, student and instructor guides, charts, posters and other support materials. The NBEF often works with local, state and federal authorities in the administration of Bowhunter Education.

For many years, one the NBEF’s favorite teaching tools, the Mini 3-D “Stick Pin” Deer, was frequently requested for purchase but it was unavailable. Good news: The NBEF has reintroduced it. 

The Mini 3-D ‘Stick-Pin’ Deer — and also the Mini 3-D Bear — were two of the most popular models in the Mini 3-D Series. And a special FYI for elk hunters: The Mini 3-D Elk is expected to be reintroduced in 2020.

The Mini 3-D Bear is especially valuable for first-time black bear bowhunters.
The Mini 3-D Bear is especially valuable for first-time black bear bowhunters.

Constructed of an ultra-durable foam by Rinehart Targets, the Mini 3-Ds measure approximately 12 inches nose to tail. One side of the Mini 3-D shows the animal’s lifelike hide, while the other side reveals the animal’s vitals and bone structure. The Mini 3-Ds come with a mock arrow shaft that works well for teaching shot placement. 

The way it works is you hold the Mini 3-D so you’re seeing an animal as you would in the field, either from the ground or a treestand. Using the stick pin, you mimic the flight of an arrow, choosing the spot you think is best for the given shot angle and elevation. You leave the stick pin in the Mini 3-D, then turn it around to check out whether you arrow (stick pin) penetrated the vitals.

Not only are Mini 3-Ds valuable in Bowhunter Education classrooms, but outfitters and guides can use them to discuss shot placement with clients. Even if you don’t operate a whitetail or bear camp, Mini 3-Ds are popular among hunting buddies who want a simple and effective way to talk about archery shot placement.

MSRP for either the deer or bear versions is $75. These and other NBEF items can be ordered by calling the NBEF at (605) 716-0596 or placing your order on-line at

More About NBEF

The NBEF works hard every day to ensure the future of bowhunting. Each year thousands of committed volunteers donate time and money to Bowhunter Education throughout the world to create new and successful bowhunters. Whether taken online or in a classroom, the core curriculum remains standardized throughout all 50 states, Canada and numerous additional foreign countries.

For more information, contact the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, P.O. Box 2934, Rapid City, SD 57709, or visit its website at


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