Death Stalks The Skyline—Part 3

Rocky Mountain goats thrive where others fear to tread. A mature billy will challenge your skill, stamina, determination, and courage.
Death Stalks The Skyline—Part 3

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Make Dream Hunts Happen

Mountain goats, sheep, moose, trophy elk…we all dream of hunting these adventurous animals, yet unless you take action it’s just wishful thinking. Many such trophies are once-in-a-lifetime hunts so you only have to get luck once. Take these steps to turn that dream into reality

  • Start applying for lottery licenses. Like the lottery, you must play to win. Applying to several states dramatically increases your odds. Check if you need help.
  • Once drawn, do your homework. Nelson’s broken leg made him concentrate on researching the best areas. Use the Internet, state wildlife biologists, and other sources.
  • Pre-scout. A plane ticket is small investment for the hunt of a lifetime. Learn the country. Take friends and the family. Nelson camps and scouts extensively with his wife and two Jack Russell terriers.
  • Shape up/gear up. Talk to a physician, make a plan, and exercise regularly and realistically. Repeatedly hike and practice in your full hunting gear before the hunt. Learn what works and what hurts.
  • Team up. High-adventure hunts can be dangerous. Hire a guide or hunt with someone you trust with your life. A 2-inch difference, and Nelson’s story might have been a tragedy instead of a celebration.


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