Bowhunting World's Readers Choice Gold Awards

Bowhunting World''s 16th Annual Readers'' Choice Awards not only brings back some of the old faithful but includes some of this year''s newest archery equipment. Voted on by you, the reader.
Bowhunting World's Readers Choice Gold Awards

Compound Bow

Mathews DXT

Mathews. The Drenalin, DXT, Reezen, and Switchback bows all won accolades.

Traditional Bow

Bear Kodiak

Bear’s Kodiak remains a tried-and-true classic.

Aluminum Arrow

Easton XX78 Arrow

Easton XX75 and XX78 arrows get the job done.

Carbon Arrow

Easton Axxis Arrow Shaft

Easton’s AXIS Full Metal Jacket arrows are hitting the mark.


Bohning Blazer Vane

Bohning vanes, including the Blazer 2-inch vanes, are becoming standard equipment for many. “Never would have believed that a 2-inch vane could control broadhead flight the way they do,” says Pennsylvania’s Keith Wyberg.


Gateway Rayzer Feather

Whisper-quiet Gateway Rayzr feathers have earned reader loyalty.

Arrow Rest

Whisker Buscuit

Keeping arrows set and ready to go is Trophy Ridge’s proven Whisker Biscuit.


Lacrosse Burly Boots

Many of you prefer donning LaCrosse AlphaBurly boots for comfort and support.

Fixed-Blade Broadhead

Muzzy MX3 Broadhead

The MX3 head is helping keep the Muzzy name synonymous with premium fixed-blade heads.

Mechanical Broadhead

Rage Broadhead

The Rage 2-Blade is taking down more animals every year.

Ladder/Tripod Treestand

Big Game Ladder Stand  Ameristep Ladder Stand

Readers rely on Big Game and Ameristep to lift them high above the ground.


Honda Rancher ATV  Polaris Sportsman

Honda’s Rancher and Polaris’ Sportsman won raves.

Fixed Treestand

Gorilla King Kong Stand

Gorilla is giving bowhunters the upper hand with its popular King Kong, Kong, and Silverback stands.


Mathews Zebra  winners choice bow string

Mathews’ Zebra and Winner’s Choice

Bowstring Materials

BCY Fibers Bow Material

BCY’s 452 string continues to impress bowhunters everywhere.

Climbing Treestand

Summit Viper Treestand

The Summit Viper has won a serious following.

Camo Pattern

Realtree AP HD Camo Pattern

Realtree’s AP HD has found its way onto many of your clothes, bows, and accessories.

Backpack/Fanny Pack

Badlands Hunting Pack

Badlands keeps offering packs that meet most any need.

Fixed Bowsight

Montana Gold Flash Point

Many readers depend on Montana Black Gold’s FlashPoint.

Moveable Bowsight

HHA OL 5000 Bow Sight

Readers say that HHA’s OL-5000 sight offers adjustment and flexibility.

Pendulum Bowsight

Trophy Ridge Mantis

Trophy Ridge. The Mantis remains the standard for many.


G5 Meta Peep

The G5 Meta Peep keeps growing in popularity.

Sight Pins

Tru Glo Sight Pins

TruGlo repeats as top vote-getter.


 Kwikee Quiver

Another win for Kwikee, this time with its Combo model winning raves.


Limbsaver S Coil Stabilizer

The LimbSaver S-Coil has become an integral part of many setups.


Flambeau Deer Decoy  Montana Decoy Whitetail

Flambeau and Montana Decoy are fooling even the wariest of animals.


Garmin E Trex GPS

Garmin’s eTrex returns to the top of the list.

Deer Call

Primos Buck Roar

Again, Primos and its Buck Roar call dominate the woods.

Elk Call

Primos Hoochie Mama Elk Call

What bull elk can refuse Primos’ Hoochie Mama?

Turkey Call

Primos Turkey call

A wide selection of Primos turkey calls means more ways to get a gobbler.


Double Bull Hunting Blind

Hunters happily put themselves into the Primos/Double Bull Doghouse.

Hunting Release Aid

Scott Hunting Release Archery

Scott has a winning release menagerie with the Mongoose and Sabertooth.

Target Release Aid

Scott Ibex Release

Various Scott releases help their users to consistent, accurate releases.

Binos & Spotters

Nikon Monarch Binoculars

Nikon Monarch still reigns supreme.


Archers Choice Rangefinder

Nikon’s Archer’s Choice is a runaway hit.

Bow Case

Plano Bow Case



Tinks 69 Deer scent

And, yet again, Tink’s takes it.

Scent-Adsorbing Clothing

Scent Lok Jacket

Scent-Lok. “I’ve had deer within 5 yards not smell me. I swear by my Scent-Lok clothing,” says Michigan’s Josh Axelson.

3-D Target

3D McKenzie Deer Target Rinehart Targets

No one will ever be bored thanks to the selection of targets from McKenzie and Rinehart.

Scent Eliminator

Wildlife Research Scent Killer       Scent Away

Looking for stealth? Readers recommend Wildlife Research Center’s Scent Killer and Hunter’s Specialties’ Scent-A-Way.

Conventional Target

Block Target Field Logic

Field Logic’s The Block is becoming The Classic.

Bag Target

Morrell Yellow Jacket Target

Another classic, Morrell’s Yellow Jacket.

New Product

Mathews DXT

For the third year in a row, the folks at Mathews have won accolades for innovation, this time for the Reezen bow. “Mathews—where would we be without this company!” asks New York’s Ron Penna. “It raises the bar every year.”

Bowhunting Video

Drury Dream Season DVD  Primos Truth DVD

Drury Outdoors, Primos

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