Bowhunting World Readers’ Choice Awards

Our readers listed many criteria for casting votes for their favorites in 2011’s Bowhunting World Readers’ Choice Awards. From best value to friends'' recommendations, check them out.
Bowhunting World Readers’ Choice Awards

Compound Bow

GOLD: Mathews, with its new Z7 bow, continues a tradition of innovation and excellence.

SILVER: Hoyt and its fine Maxxis bow have won respect from this year’s voters.


mathews z7

Traditional Bow

GOLD: Bear Kodiak and Grizzly bows are bowhunting classics, which put this perennial favorite traditional bowmaker on top.

SILVER: Hoyt won raves for its Dorado and Gamemaster models.

BRONZE: Martin, Black Widow

bear kodiak

Aluminum Arrow

GOLD: Readers continue to rate Easton XX75 and XX78 arrows as best of the bunch.

easton xx78 aluminum arrow

Carbon Arrow

GOLD: Quivers full of Axis and other Easton carbon arrows are common.

SILVER: Gold Tip created a winner with its XT Hunter.

BRONZE: Carbon Express, Beman

easton fmj carbon arrow

Arrow Rest

GOLD: Trophy Ridge’s Whisker Biscuit has earned its spot on many a setup.

SILVER: QAD, Ripcord

BRONZE: Trophy Taker

trophy ridge whisker biscuit


GOLD: Lots of readers will be sticking with Gateway Rayzr feathers this fall.

SILVER: Trueflight

gateway rayzr


GOLD: Bohning Blazer vanes, especially the 2-inch model, are a bonafide hit.

SILVER: Duravane/Norway Industries, New Archery Products

bohning blazer vanes

Fixed-Blade Broadhead

GOLD: Many voters are dead-set on Muzzy, especially its 100-grain, 3-blade MX3 head.

SILVER: The Montec from G5 has earned many fans out in the field.

BRONZE: New Archery Products, Slick Trick

muzzy mx 3

Mechanical Broadhead

GOLD: There’s lots to love about Rage’s 2-blade head.


BRONZE: Grim Reaper, New Archery Products

rage 2 blade

Fixed Treestand

GOLD: Gorilla and Lone Wolf finished neck and neck for the #1 position.

SILVER: Summit, Big Game

lone wolf


GOLD: Many readers again rely on LaCrosse to get them where they need to go.

SILVER: Rocky’s great selection meets many hunters’ needs.

BRONZE: Danner

lacrosse boots

Climbing Treestand

GOLD: Summit’s Viper keeps the #1 spot.

SILVER: Lone Wolf


summit viper


GOLD: Readers are turning to the Rancher and other ATVs from Honda to round up their harvests.

SILVER: Polaris, Yamaha

honda rancher

Ladder/Tripod Treestand

GOLD: Helping Ameristep to its top spot was the ever-popular Skyscraper stand.

SILVER: Big Game, Rivers Edge

ameristep skyscraper

Bowstring Materials

GOLD: From “old standards” to cutting-edge fibers, the top choice was clear: BCY.

Backpack/Fanny Pack

GOLD: If you have to take it along, readers say that Badlands has a pack that will help you get it there.

SILVER: Cabela’s

BRONZE: Fieldline

badlands fanny pack

Camo Pattern

GOLD: Realtree and Mossy Oak split the lion’s share of votes to put themselves at the pinnacle of concealment.

mossy oak


GOLD: It’s a tie between Mathews’ Zebra and Winner’s Choice strings.

zebra string

Moveable Bowsight

GOLD: For aiming flexibility, voters aimed for HHA Sports.


BRONZE: Montana Black Gold

hha optimizer

Pendulum Bowsight

GOLD: TruGlo

SILVER: Savage

BRONZE: Trophy Ridge, Keller

tru glo pendulum


GOLD: The popular Meta Peep kept G5 ahead in this category.

SILVER: Jim Fletcher

g5 meta peep

Fixed Bowsight

GOLD: Spot-Hogg is spot-on for zeroing in on that dream animal.

SILVER: TruGlo, Montana Black Gold

BRONZE: Trophy Ridge

spot hogg sight

Sight Pins

GOLD: Readers swear by TruGlo pins to help them find the spot.


tru glo pins


GOLD: This year Nikon and its Archer’s Choice remains exactly that—our archers’ choice.

SILVER: Bushnell

BRONZE: Leupold

nikon archer choice rangefinder


GOLD: Garmin gets top billing for getting our voters into hunting territory and back out again.

SILVER: Magellan

garmin e trex


GOLD: When voters wanted to get an animal’s attention, most chose Montana Decoys to help them out.

SILVER: Carry-Lite, Primos, Flambeau

montana decoy

Binos & Spotters

GOLD: The reign of Nikon’s Monarch continues in 2011.

SILVER: Bushnell

BRONZE: Swarovski, Leupold

nikon monarch binoculars

Bow Case

GOLD: Plano


plano bow case


GOLD: Buck sliced through the competition to make it to the top.

SILVER: Gerber

buck knife

Hunting Release Aid

GOLD: Scott’s variety of release options helped put it in the #1 spot again.

SILVER: Tru Ball

BRONZE: Tru-Fire, Carter

scott wildcat

Target Release Aid

GOLD: Readers cited Scott for variety, performance, and reliability.

SILVER: Tru Ball

BRONZE: Carter

scott longhorn


GOLD: First the S-Coil, now the X-Coil has stabilized LimbSaver’s place in the #1 spot.

SILVER: Doinker


limbsaver x coil

Deer Call

GOLD: Primos roared back into first position thanks, in part, to its Buck Roar call.

SILVER: Hunter’s Specialties

BRONZE: Knight & Hale, Flextone

primos buck roar


GOLD: Primos/Double Bull wins it again.

SILVER: Ameristep

primos double bull blind


GOLD: Kwikee Kwiver has become a “klassic” in this category.

SILVER: Mathews


kwikee kwiver

Turkey Call

GOLD: Primos gobbled up the top honor with its wide variety of options.

SILVER: Hunter’s Specialties

BRONZE: MAD, Quaker Boy

Primos turkey call

Elk Call

GOLD: Primos’ Hoochie Mama is, again, the elk call of choice.

primos hoochie mama

Scent-Adsorbing Clothing

GOLD: Scent-Lok

SILVER: ScentBlocker (Dream Season)

scent lok suit

3-D Target

GOLD: McKenzie and Rinehart again lead the pack, herd, and flock with their many 3-D options.

SILVER: Field Logic/GlenDel Buck


mckenzie 3d whitetail


GOLD: Tink’s has been a reader favorite for over a decade.

SILVER: Code Blue

BRONZE: Hunter’s Specialties

tinks scent

Scent Eliminator

GOLD: Hunter’s Specialties (Scent-A-Way line)

SILVER: Wildlife Research (Scent Killer)

BRONZE: Dead Down Wind

hunters specialties scent

Conventional Target

GOLD: The Block from Field Logic remains a reader favorite.

SILVER: Rinehart

BRONZE: Morrell

block target

Bag Target

GOLD: Many readers say that “Morrell Yellow Jacket” and “bag target” are almost synonymous.

morrell yellow jacket

Bowhunting World Article/Department

GOLD: Tech Talk

SILVER: Back Country

BRONZE: New Gear

tech talk

Bowhunting World Writer

GOLD: Bob Robb and his keen observations on the entire bowhunting experience have won him many fans.

SILVER: Chuck Adams

BRONZE: Norb Mullaney

bob robb

Bowhunting Video

GOLD: Primos (The Truth)

SILVER: Realtree (Monster Bucks), Drury Outdoors (Dream Season)

primos the truth

Bowhunting TV Show

GOLD: Archer’s Choice with Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo regains top billing in this year’s poll.

SILVER: Bone Collector

BRONZE: Arrow Affliction, The Crush

archers choice tv show

New Product

GOLD: Mathews Z7 Bow

SILVER: Hoyt Maxxis Bow

BRONZE: Hoyt Carbon Matrix Bow

mathews z7


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