Bow Report: Rytera BulletX by Martin

Norb Mullaney puts the Rytera BulletX through an in-depth test to find out more about this hunting bow.
Bow Report: Rytera BulletX by Martin

Rytera BulletX by Martin Bow Report

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Rytera BulletX by MartinRytera is a new product line for Martin. Rytera bows constitute a separate line of “Elite” series compounds intended for pro shop distribution. They are not part of any other Martin line or series. For 2006 the Rytera line will consist of two models substantially different from each other. The Rytera model that I tested for this Bow Report has an axle-to-axle length of 34 9/16 inches and a nominal brace height of 7 3/4 inches.

This Rytera, which is forecast to be called the BulletX, is built on a fully machined, 25-inch, aluminum alloy handle with separate limb pockets that overhang the risers and extend the distance between the limb pivot points by 3/4 inch. The basic handle structure is 3/4-inch thick but comes across as a skeletal structure because of the many lightening holes. The grip’s pressure point is located approximately 3 3/4 inches behind a line through the limbs’ pivot points. The sight window is 6 1/2 inches long and is cut 5/8-inch past center. An additional 1/8-inch clearance at the arrow pass is provided by another cut beyond the basic sight window. On the Nitrous cam system, the bowstring is located on the vertical centerline of the bow so that the total clearance between the centerline of the string and the window surface at the arrow pass is 3/4 inch. The doglegged cable guard rod is mounted in a hole in the upper riser centered 2 9/16 inches above the shelf. It is retained by two socket-head set screws so that it can be rotated to adjust cable clearance. The cables are carried on the outside of the guard rod by a simple slider, but there is ample adjustment of the rod to accommodate almost any type of cable slide.

Martin’s patented damping devices (Vibration Escape Modules) are mounted in holes in the risers, near the ends of the risers behind the limb pockets. The shelf is extended 5/8 inch in width by a separate bolted-on section that curves upward for improved arrow retention. The grip section features Martin’s Thermal II cover that uses elastomeric material on the back and face, enhanced by molded side panels of similar elastomeric material. The face and back covering has closely spaced small, blind holes on its interior surface to enhance the insulation value. There are two tapped holes (5-16-24 UNF) for mounting an arrow rest or plunger. They are located 3/4 inch above the shelf with the rearward hole centered in line with the grip’s pressure point, and the forward hole centered 1/2 inch ahead of that. The usual AMO/ATA 2-hole sight mounting pattern (10-24 UNC) is located on the off-side of the sight window. The handle also contains 1/4-20 UNC holes near the ends of the risers for attaching a bow quiver. *Read the rest of the report by downloading the PDF


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