Don't Forget Bow Practice During Deer Season

Summer is a great time to practice with your bow, but don’t forget to keep shooting after archery deer season arrives.

Don't Forget Bow Practice During Deer Season

Archery practice is most often emphasized during the summer months. You spend hours sticking your 3-D deer target from various ranges. You test your broadheads to make sure they fly true and impact the target where you’ve aimed.

When deer season opens, however, many bowhunters shift their emphasis from practice to hunting. Days or even weeks pass without a single practice session. Yes, your bow was on before season, and yes, your form and shooting techniques were down pat. But, consider this: What happens when a musician sets his guitar down or a home-run hitter doesn’t touch a bat for a few weeks? Muscle memory and good form suffer.

Your shooting form and technique will likely suffer if you put practice on hiatus, but more importantly, a few weeks of inactivity can affect equipment. Bowstrings stretch. Sights get bumped. Screws inadvertently wiggle loose. Unwanted squeaks mysteriously arise.

For these reasons, it’s crucial to shoot at least an arrow or two a day throughout the deer season to keep your muscle memory and techniques sharp, but also to identify changes to your equipment.


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