Argentina Adventure Video: Duck Hunting With a Bow!

When it comes to tough-to-hit targets with a bow, perhaps nothing compares to a fast-flying duck.

Argentina Adventure Video: Duck Hunting With a Bow!

In planning for this Argentina adventure, Tim Wells packed 240 arrows. He returned home with 151, after killing 111 ducks. As you’ll see in the YouTube video below, which has 1.83 million views since it was posted in November 2018, Wells isn’t waiting for ducks to land on the water; that would be too easy.

Obviously, killing flying ducks with archery gear is crazy-difficult — and maybe just plain crazy — but Wells is determined. The video is impressive; what you’re seeing is the real deal, there’s no trick photography involved.

Finding the correct lead when shooting fast-flying ducks is difficult with a shotgun, let alone a bow. But Tim eventually gets the math right in his mind, and although his misses far outnumber his hits, most of the time these misses are by a small amount. Pay close attention to the low-light footage near the end of the 10-minute video and you’ll see lighted arrow nocks in the water as Wells continues to shoot.

Wells sells a Head Hunter fixed-blade broadhead on his website for those bowhunters interesting in pursuing flying birds. The reason he didn’t lose more arrows is each one has flu-flu feathers, which slows down an arrow and prevents it from flying into the next county. He likely shot each arrow multiple times during his trip.

For a bow, Wells carries an Oneida Phoenix. It looks like a hybrid of a compound and a recurve because it is. The bow has a unique lever action, which means it provides let-off (65 to 80 percent) like a compound, but it has the smooth draw of a recurve. Hunters can use a release and mount a bowsight, but as you’ll see in the video, Wells chooses to shoot with fingers and aims instinctively.


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