Archery Aiming Tip: Should You Focus Your Eyes on the Sight Pin or Target?

Bowhunters must decide whether to focus their eyes on the sight pin or target because the human eye can’t keep both sharp, one must go blurry. Is one method better?

Archery Aiming Tip: Should You Focus Your Eyes on the Sight Pin or Target?

The shooting tip video highlighted below features Josh Pflasterer, one of the co-hosts of the YouTube channel Bow Only Outdoors. He and fellow co-host Micah Reinke do an excellent job of sharing their hunts (whitetails, muleys, pronghorns, elk, Coues deer, turkeys and bowfishing), as well as their experiences at Total Archery Challenge (TAC) events. Josh and Micah also give viewers solid information for becoming better shooters on the range and in the field.

In the video below, Josh shares an aiming tip that in his words, “has made one of the biggest impacts on my shooting, as well as helped hundreds of people that I have worked with over the years.” Specifically, he details where your eyes should focus when aiming sight pins on a target. The human eye can’t focus on a sight pin and the target and have both in sharp focus; it’s impossible. You must choose.

So which is better, focus on the pin and let the target go blurry (above left), or focus on the target and let the pin go blurry (above right)? It’s important to note that there are successful bowhunters in each camp; there’s no definitive right way. That said, the vast majority of top shooters focus on the target and allow their sight pin to go blurry. As you’ll see, Josh Pflasterer believes strongly in this method.

Check out his video and decide for yourself. Which aiming method is better for you? As for me, I tend to let the target go blurry. I’ll have to dedicate some range time to see if my shooting would improve if I let the pin go blurry instead.


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