5 Tough Archery Targets

Practice doesn’t necessarily mean perfect, and that certainly holds true for shooting your bow. That said, these five archery targets should provide all the arrow-stopping power you need for years to come.

5 Tough Archery Targets

Dedicated bowhunters like to practice on a regular basis, and shooting arrows downrange shouldn’t end simply because you’re no longer at the local archery range or in your backyard. Check out the handful of target choices below; one might be perfect for an at-home range, and another for deer camp.

Block Black Crossbow Target

High-density open-layered foam construction with easy arrow removal makes the Block Black crossbow target (16x16x12 inches) a hit with horizontal bow shooters. Its high-density core stops the excessive speed and energy of a crossbow bolt, and new target faces are specifically designed so shooters can super-tune their crossbows.

Fusing the internal layers to the inner target wall results in more uniform layer compression, which, in turn, means easier arrow removal, and the Block’s PolyFusion construction promotes longer target life. Because the layers are fused in place, they hold their position, and arrows slip between the layers. The Block Black target can be used with all broadheads and field tips. MSRP: $119.99; CONTACT: www.feradyne.com  

Delta McKenzie Wedgie

The Delta McKenzie Wedgie archery target is a unique freestanding bag that is easy to set up at almost any location. Its tapered design allows the target to stand without additional supports, and it remains stable and upright at arrow impact.

Bag targets are popular with archers because they offer one-handed arrow removal — the easiest arrow extraction of any target type. For better visibility, the target face utilizes high-contrast graphics printed on both sides, and the Wedgie features up to 36 pounds of shot-stopping fill for long-lasting range use. It is rated for vertical bows and crossbows. MSRP: $40.99/20-inch; $55.99/24-inch; CONTACT: www.dmtargets.com


Hurricane Targets Crossbow H-21

The Crossbow H-21 by Hurricane Targets features highly visible shooting “eyes” (with bright orange centers) that are easy to see against the bright-colored background, even at longer ranges. Turn to the flip side, and bowhunters get a view of a deer’s vitals for realistic practice sessions.

For longer target life, the vitals are positioned off-center, so they don’t line up with the aiming points on the front side of the target. The Crossbow H-21 is specifically designed for crossbows and high-speed vertical bows, and a heavy-duty strap handle makes it easy to transport. Dimensions are 21x12x21. MSRP: $59.99; CONTACT: www.feradyne.com


Morrell Big High Roller XL

New for 2020 is Morrell’s High Roller XL archery target, built with the same signature self-healing, solid-poured foam as the original High Roller and designed to handle today’s hard-shooting, high-speed compound bows and crossbows shooting field points, mechanical heads and fixed-blade broadheads.

The High Roller XL is a whopping 16x16x16 inch, has six sides and features 21 bullseyes for maximum life. It is finished with durable fade-resistant paint and arrow removal is extremely easy, even with today’s extremely fast-shooting bows. The Big High Roller is 100% weatherproof, and its E-Z Tote carrying handle makes it ideal for use at home or the hunting camp. MSRP: $199.99; CONTACT: www.morrelltargets.com


Rinehart Big Jim Whitetail 3-D Target

Rinehart Targets has expanded its popular Jimmy Big Tine archery series — literally — with its new-for-2020 Big Jim Whitetail target.

Measuring 56 inches to the tip of the antlers, 33.5 inches to the top of the shoulder and 43.5 inches long, it is an affordable option for archers looking to improve their shooting skills while enjoying the realism of shooting at a lifelike 3-D target. And like its little brother, the Big Jim incorporates Rinehart’s locking antler feature. Additionally, it withstands shot after shot from both compound bows and crossbows without breaking or tearing. This is due to its solid FX Woodland foam construction and Rinehart’s Signature series replaceable foam core. MSRP: $299.99; CONTACT: www.rinehart3d.com


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