10 New-for-2021 Flagship Compounds

This year’s lineup of flagship compounds from 10 top bow manufacturers feature the latest in smooth-shooting technology.

10 New-for-2021 Flagship Compounds

There was a time not long ago when bowhunters had to choose between a speed bow and one that was comfortable to shoot. For my style of hunting (thick woods in the Midwest), I always opted for bows labeled as “forgiving,” and didn’t mind sacrificing a bit of speed for stealth and stability. I wanted a bow that silently sent arrows into the bull’s-eye with almost no hand shock, regardless of small mistakes in my shooting form.

Thanks to advancements in bow design and materials, however, a change has taken place, and I’m not sure the correct way to describe it. Either speed bows have become more forgiving, or those models categorized as comfortable have become faster. Perhaps both are true.

The compounds highlighted below in alphabetical order are the best of the best — the flagships from 10 top bow manufacturers. Regardless of whether you typically prefer a speed bow or a  comfort bow, you’re sure to find one here that’s an ideal blend of both.


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