Bow Review Video: Athens Elevate

Bowhunting World Field Editor Darron McDougal recently tested the new-for-2023 Athens Elevate. He loved the bow’s draw cycle, and was also impressed with several other features.

Bow Review Video: Athens Elevate

With a killer new cam system, one of the industry's finest grips and a new sight mount, Athens Archery has launched an ideal bowhunting bow. Bowhunting World Field Editor Darron McDougal was floored by the Elevate’s draw cycle.

"The bow looks aggressive and certainly has plenty of speed, yet it is unbelievably smooth with no sudden humps or awkward transitions from peak to valley," he said. "The 70 pounds slide back so nicely, even while wearing a hunting jacket. As a hardcore hunter, I value a bow I can draw easily in one fluid motion so as not to be detected by game. The Elevate fits the bill, thanks to the silky-smooth RT-X Cam System."

Check out McDougal’s detailed YouTube video below.

Athens Elevate Test Bow Specs

  • Axle-to-Axle Length: 32 inches
  • Brace Height: 6 inches
  • Draw Length: 28 inches
  • Draw Weight: 69.9 pounds 
  • Let-off: 90%
  • Bow-only Weight: 4.2 pounds 
  • Accessorized Total Weight: 6.1 pounds (no quiver)
  • Velocity: 276 fps (with 468-grain Easton 6.5mm Acu-Carbon 340 arrow); 279 fps (with 456-grain CX Maxima Triad)
  • Kinetic Energy: 79.082 foot-pounds (Easton); 78.738 foot-pounds (CX)
  • Test-Bow Finish: Athens Conifer Grey
  • MSRP: $1,199 (starting price)
  • Contact: 

Additional Notes: The Athens Archery Elevate was set up using a Last Chance Archery EZ Green Bow Press and EZ Green Bow Vise, and draw weight was calculated using Last Chance Archery’s Digital Bow Scale. A Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph measured the 468-grain Easton 6.5mm Acu-Carbon 340 arrow’s velocity. Other products used were Easton’s Nock and D-Loop Pliers and Pro Hex Fold-Up Allen Set.


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