Bow Review: Prime Nexus 2

The Prime Nexus 2 is fast, quiet and dead-in-the-hand on the shot, making it comfortable and accurate.

Bow Review: Prime Nexus 2

The Prime Nexus Series is “Prime’s fastest, most accurate bows yet.” Its speed is achieved through the new lightweight R2 cam system. Coupled with a reduced cable splitter weight, the Nexus reduces vibration by 50 percent over its 2020 counterpart, the Black Series. Overall, the Nexus series bows are designed with comfort, accuracy and speed in mind.


Out of the Box

I received a Nexus 2 bow for review, and it came in Prime’s new Army Green color. The green riser combined with black limbs and the new black Nanogrip gave this bow a nice camo look. On inspection, I found the bow’s fit and finish to be exceptional.


Set Up

To begin, I mounted and leveled an older-model Whisker Biscuit rest and then tied on a D-loop. Next, I bolted on an IQ ProOne single-pin sight and a six-inch Apex Gear End Game stabilizer. Fitted with the short accessories, the bow was well-balanced. Following the provided product manual, I set the draw length to 27.5 inches and set the cable stop letoff screw to its mid-setting. The bow drew at 64 pounds with a let-off weight of 14 pounds.

Prime Nexus 2 Specs

  • AXLE-TO-AXLE: 32 inches
  • WEIGHT: 4.4 pounds
  • BRACE HEIGHT: 6 inches
  • PUBLISHED SPEED: 341 fps
  • DRAW LENGTH: 23-30 inches
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 and 80
  • FINISHES: Several solid and camo colors to choose from, as well as color options for both the riser and limbs.
  • MSRP: $999


Test Results

Knowing that the Nexus Series is touted as comfortable and quiet, I began by shooting a few arrows of various weights. The bow was quiet and remarkably dead-in-the-hand. Next, I selected a properly spined arrow that weighed close to 350 grains and fired a set of three arrows through the chronograph. The average speed shown on the chronograph was 295 fps. To check the bow’s IBO-rated performance, I turned to an online calculator for assistance.

A quick calculation estimated that I added about 15 grains to the string with the D-loop. The IBO-equivalency for the 27.5-inch draw bow at 64 pounds shooting a 348-grain arrow should have been 301 fps. The Nexus’ speed was slightly lower; however, the let-off position I chose was set to 80 percent. At its lowest let-off setting, I am confident the Nexus would perform near its stated IBO speed.

The Nexus 2 is the shortest bow within the Nexus Series. At a 29-inch draw and set to 65 pounds, the bow can send a 400-grain arrow downrange at speeds near 300 fps, generating more than 70 foot-pounds of kinetic energy (KE) and 0.50 slug-feet/second of momentum (M) at release. The energy produced is more than enough to take any big game animal on any continent.

The new Nanogrip with Aerogel technology is noticeably different from past model Prime bows. It is designed to provide comfort, which should result in greater accuracy. In my opinion, it definitively provides a better grip on the bow.


At its 32-inch axle-to-axle length, the Nexus 2 will likely fit the short-draw archer best. With its minimum draw length setting of 23 inches, the bow should be on the radar of many female archers and youth bowhunters. However, it is a fully capable bow with high-end technology for any archer within its draw length range of 30-inches.

Prime Nexus 2 Features

Nanogrip With Aerogel

Comfort is consistency, and consistency is accuracy. Prime’s most accurate bow has the best hunting bow grip the company has ever made. The new Prime Nanogrip offers a warm-to-the-touch grip for outstanding comfort and consistency. Aerogel is a NASA-developed technology to protect astronauts from extreme temperatures. On the Nexus 2, Aerogel creates an insulated barrier between the cold aluminum riser and the composite grip.

Lifetime Replacement of Strings/Cables

An industry first, Prime owners are eligible for a free set of string/cables every two years (from date of registration) to the original owner for the bow’s life.


From Prime

“By definition, Nexus means a connection or series of connections linking two or more things. At Prime Archery, the Nexus compound bow was born from the connection between hunters and innovators. At its center point, the Nexus sports Prime’s new Nanogrip with Aerogel technology. It is a thin layer that wraps to cover 360 degrees around the riser to create a warm feeling in the grip, no matter the temperature. This technology also helps for more accurate and consistent shooting by not having to apply tapes or wear bulky gloves.”


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