What's in the Duck Commander's blind bag?

Duck Dynasty has taken Phil Robertson and family to new heights. Find out what''s in his blind bag and his take on cell phones and suits.
What's in the Duck Commander's blind bag?

Editor’s note: This interview took place in 2010, before Duck Dynasty debuted, and it’s been so popular that we decided to update it with some never-before-printed quotes and tips from Phil.

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What’s in the Duck Commander’s blind bag?

These are the often overlooked items that Phil Robertson has on him at all times when duck hunting:

•A can or two of sardines



•Screwdriver, pliers and spark-plug wrench

•Choke-tube wrench

•1-pound ball of black, tarred nylon line

•Folding saw

•Green-label BC powder

Duck calling contests, cell phones, computers, and suits

As only the Duck Commander could put it...

I’ve never owned a watch, or cell phone, and never turned on a computer or looked at one — ever, and I never owned a suit. Louisiana Tech gave us a suit, but I don’t know what happened to the thing.

Selling calls and winning contest...

They told me 35 years ago that, unless I won the world duck calling championship, I couldn’t sell any duck calls in America. They said you had to go long highball. I asked them — could a duck win it? They told me a duck couldn’t even place.


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